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The name WPCycle encompasses a passion for mountain bikes, music, technology, customer service, and of course WordPress.


The owner, Michael Small, worked as a bicycle mechanic for numerous years, and still enjoys taking a well tuned mountain bike on adventures throughout the city. As a mechanic, he ensured every bike functioned properly and rode smoothly using the “fix it once and fix it right” concept. Occasionally helping the sales team, Michael excelled in sales because of his deeper knowledge and love for the machine and sport, which resulted in increased sales of only selling the bicycles he knew would not come back with issues. Quality over quantity.

On the side, Michael was not only a club and event DJ, but also the DJ for a well known group that performed nationally and internationally. During those musical years, Michael built a recording studio and left the workforce to work full-time as a recording engineer, always paying attention to details before any projects were released.

The IT side of this talented individual was intertwined in every aspect of each venture. From being an on-call support administrator for many businesses to building the network within the building that housed the studio and numerous other businesses, Michael was never a stranger to technology.

In 2006, Michael departed the music world to focus on family, and created 48-14 MultiMedia Management. The name 48-14 was created from the concept of superheros. Most people who are familiar with superheros know they spend sleepless nights saving the world, only to go back to their job at 9 am the following the day, which is common for most musicians and artists starting out. Doing more than what most people do 24/7, thus 48-14. Initially 48-14 focused on artists online presence by building their social media pages and websites using WordPress. Shortly after working with various clients locally and internationally, 48-14 name became known as a “go to” for fixing WordPress related issues or hosting WordPress websites.

8 years later, 48-14 expanded and became WPCycle, offering customers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Dedicated Server accounts that are exclusively customized for WordPress.


WPCyle focuses on WordPress and only WordPress. This is includes keeping all systems, core files, and plugins up to date, as well as security practices to stop known WordPress Brute Force attacks and exploits. All accounts, websites, themes, and plugins are scanned daily for any instances of malware or exploits, and are removed immediately upon detection.

Another major focus of WPCycle is speed, which is a key element for WordPress websites. Every WPCycle account is configured to load quickly, and has a built in cache to handle any type of traffic should your site become “the next big thing”.

WPCycle’s servers are securely housed in the Dacentec Data Center Facility in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA. The facility is a 23,500 square foot hardened climate controlled purpose-built facility with onsite security 24 hours a day, power protected by UPS (n+2), a 1MW backup generator, and meets HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI-DSS, and ISO 9001 & 27001. Dacentec also supplies WPCycle’s servers bandwidth from major Tier 1 carriers through 5 diverse fiber operators.

Overall, this translates into providing customers a quality WordPress hosting account they will never have to worry about it. WPCycle realizes that many WordPress users just want an account that’s fast and reliable without the bells and whistles.

Thank You for reading the story behind WPCycle. If you have any questions about our company and services, please Contact Us.

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