Frequently Asked Questions


What does a Managed WordPress account cover?

We take care of updates to your core files and plugins. Theme’s tend be customized and are best left to either the webmaster, account holder, or theme designer to be updated.  We also optimize your database to maximize the performance of your account, and apply any known security patches. We also have a team that is trained to support any specific WordPress issues.

Do you use or offer one-click installation options?

No. We do not use one-click installation software like Softaculous or Installatron. Your WordPress account is setup manually and updated during the installation process.

Are you a cPanel host?

No. We do not use cPanel or set you up on a cPanel account and leave you to do the rest. We also don’t use the word WordPress for marketing or SEO purposes. The WPCycle Team deals exclusively with WordPress and the hosting accounts are configured for optimum WordPress usage.

Is there a control panel for my account like cPanel?

We do not use control panels for your account. Your WordPress Dashboard is your control panel. This allows you to focus on your content, and allows us to focus on a fast and stable hosting environment. Less resources to break, slow down, and secure from potential security issues.

What access will I have to my files?

Your common access will be your WordPress Dashboard. If you require access to your files, you will also have access through SFTP, and access to your database through phpMyAdmin.

Can you migrate my existing WordPress website?

Yes. We offer free migrations for your WordPress website or websites. All we need is access information to your current hosting account.

What if I would like to do my own migration?

No problem. During the sign-up process you will be given access information that will allow you to do your own migrations.

How do you handle exploits?

Every WPCycle account is scanned every day for exploits and malicious codes. Once detected the codes are removed.

Do you offer wp-login.php and XMLRPC protection?

Yes.  Every WPCycle account is protected from Brute Force attacks and DoS attacks towards your WordPress login page and XLMRPC file.

Do you offer email?

We do not offer email accounts as we believe email is best taken care of by a company that deals with just that. Also by not offering email, your IP will be safe from any blacklisting issues.

Will I have to check my website every day to see if it's working?

No. We value your business and we value our reputation. Your WordPress website will be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at all times. The only reason for a site to be down is for scheduled maintenance or an an emergency issue.

What is your policy towards themes?

We do not update themes since most themes are either customized by the site owner, or customized by a hired designer. What we will do is scan your account for any old default themes, and with your permission, delete them. This includes the following themes; Default, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, and future default themes that are older than a year. When signing up, if we detect a large amount of deactivated themes, we will request that you chose two themes; an active theme and a backup theme. We will then zip all the other themes in a single file for you to download and delete the unused themes from your account. This is another security practice to help prevent exploits. We have seen many situations where a WordPress website had 25 deactivated themes, and 12 of them had exploits. The best suggestion for themes; download one from, buy one from a reputable website that provides themes, or have a designer create one for you.

Do you offer a staging area?

No, but we can set one up for you upon request. The main focus of our WordPress hosting accounts are for individuals who just need an account that is fast, optimized, and reliable, and have not been satisfied with their current host. No bells or whistles.

What type of support do you offer?

WPCycle offers email ticket support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer chat support if there is an immediate issue that needs to be resolved. We do not offer phone support for a few reasons; our support team can focus on resolving issues quickly, and the person hired to answer the phone would not be the person working on the issue.

From experience, phone support only adds an extra step in support resolutions. The person who works as the phone agent is usually only trained to listen to the issue, offer a few simple suggestions, and if not resolved, open a ticket with support requesting a resolution. Why not eliminate this step and send a ticket directly to support. Most support requests are resolved from the initial ticket. Only if there’s a need for clarification will a support request need an extra reply.

Do you have a physical location?

WPCycle does not have a physical location, but we do have three types of staff. Our main staff is located in various parts of Canada and the U.S. and are able to connect to WiFi at any time through their mobile devices. Our support staff can also connect to our servers at anytime wherever they are, but we also have staff that work closely with the Data Centre in the event an issue is beyond normal support issues.

Where are your servers located?

WPCycle ‘s server are located in Dacentec Data Center, North Carolina. More detail about the Data Center can be found through this link

Do you use HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine)?

We ran various tests on HHVM last year and the earlier parts of this year, and although as great as it has become in such a short of time, we did run into a few minor issues and felt it wasn’t fully ready to serve our customers needs. Through various tests between HHVM and PHP7, and both systems scoring very similar results, we decided to use the recently released PHP7.

Do you use PHP7?

Yes. We ran various tests on PHP7 during the pre-release stages and were pleased with the results. We’ve upgraded individual clients and customers to PHP7 and have not had any issues…just comments on how quickly everything loads. If there is a case where PHP5.6 is needed (ioncube for example), no problem. Let us know and we will take care of that for you.

How do I know if my WordPress website is on a VPS or Server, and not on a Shared Server?

Essentially you have to trust us, but we have decided to focus on VPS’s and Servers for a few reasons;

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Less customers per server
  • Security is better implemented on a VPS or Dedicated Server
  • Accounts can be tailored to your specific needs without effecting other clients or customers

What happened to 48-14 MultiMedia Management?

“48-14 did not leave the building, ride off into the sunset, or in some cases, hide behind a new name due to legal issues or from being sold,” said Michael Small, Founder and Executive Director of  WPCycle. “We’re still here. The WPCycle name is a result of a direction change. 48-14 started off 9 years ago doing a little of everything, and eventually narrowed down to just working with WordPress. Another factor in the name change was search engines. As much as we love the name, it was not search engine friendly, especially in a market where other companies are offering the same or similar services. The 48-14 name will be used for other ventures, but the essence of doing more that what others offer 24/7 will still be there.”